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Because our new map employs the freely available APIs (application program interfaces) that were developed by Google, its workings should be familiar to any user of Google Maps. We will continue our efforts to improve the appearance and utility of this page, and plan to add to the map as quickly as possible as many useful details as possible. Your suggestions are welcome.
You may click here to access a suite of less dynamic but very well-executed maps (created by Dmitriy Tarasov for the NVRPA in June, 2013). These maps include accurate measurements of the elevations of all of the Trail’s mileage markers and a selection of landmarks.
The following three files contain useful summaries of the information incorporated into these maps:
   (1) a graphical representation of the elevations of the Trail-readings taken at the mileage markers (JPEG);
an updated elevation table of the Trail (by mileage marker) (PDF);
an updated elevation table of the Trail (by landmark) (PDF).
The rapidly dwindling number of Trail users that remains digitally shy will be disappointed to learn that the NVRPA’s Marketplace no longer sells a spiral-bound, printed guide to the Trail which contains maps of its entire length.