NOVA Parks provides quite a handy and reasonably well detailed interactive map of the Trail. The associated software helpfully allows the application of 16 filters that are able to show and/or to hide, in a large number of combinations, the locations of all of the mileage markers, a number of bike shops, of restaurants, of breweries, etc.

Click here to access a suite of very well-executed maps, created by Dmitriy Tarasov for the NVRPA in June, 2013, which include accurate measurements of the elevations of all of the Trail’s mileage markers and a selection of landmarks.

In addition, the following three files contain useful summaries of the information incorporated into Tarasov’s maps:
(1) a graphical representation of the elevations of the Trail-readings taken at the mileage markers (JPEG);
an updated elevation table of the Trail (by mileage marker) (PDF);
an updated elevation table of the Trail (by landmark) (PDF).