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W&OD Videos:

Currently the Friends are offering for sale two videos whose subject is, none should be surprised to learn, the W&OD Trail.
(1) From Alexandria to the Blue Ridge — The Story of the W&OD Railroad

This hour-long documentary traces diachronically the development of the railroad that ran along the route of what is now the W&OD Trail, features interviews with the established regional historian Herbert H. Harwood, Jr. (the author of Rails to the Blue Ridge) and with former employees of the W&OD Railroad. Included also are rare film footage of the W&OD from the 1930’s as well as a number of heretofore unseen (by the general public) photographs, over which videographer Steve Carrie skillfully navigates his camera, in the well-known manner of Ken Burns, as period-appropriate music plays in the background and various narrators provide informed commentary.

(2) The Washington and Old Dominion Railroad Regional Park

This video is the work of Steve Carrie as well, and is also of approximately an hour’s length. It offersa somewhat less historical, documentary-style journey through each of the major communities through which the W&OD Trail passes. Local residents perhaps unfamiliar with the Trail as well as visitors to NOVA should find this video both enjoyable and informative.
“W&OD Train” Lapel Pins:
A 1 1/4-inch cloisonné pin in the shape of a train engine with a horse, jogger and cyclist in the foreground. The pin has gold letters, figures and trim on a red background.
W&OD Trail Guide

This handy guide should fit easily into your back pocket, and contains a complete map — spread over six two-color pages — of the W&OD Trail. It also includes photos of the old railroad, interesting historical facts, more recent color photos of and information concerning the locales through which the trail passes, and details on the points at which the W&OD connects with other trails.